Oh Dear

Oh Dear,

How did February pass me? I’ve been so cold and bundled up that I apparently forgot to keep pushing this relanch through. I hope March is better, I’m going to keep trying. I see such beautiful things for this brand, working on so many pretty plans, but I just find the dark cold winter months so hard to keep motivated. Today is a new month though so I’m giving myself this blog post to pity myself then I’m moving on. I wonder what others use to motivate themselves? To be very fair to myself, I’ve been relearning to take care of myself, something that I feel like is essential for me to grow into this #happysappylife, so these past months have only been slow on the rebrand front. I’ve been adding care into my life towards myself and to be honest. I’m feelin it. I’ve been drinking 4 litres of water a day and learning to eat better, and attempting not to emotional eat. So good things this month (for my body). Here’s 2 great things that have helped me this month.

Hidrate Spark Water Bottle 2.0
This water bottle that encourages me nicely to get my water in. https://hidratespark.com/


Glowing Skin Package - Lou La Belle Skincare

I’ve been using this dreamteam for years and I love this duo so much! I use it everyday and it feels SO luxurious and like a mini spa day!

from Lou La Belle’s website

from Lou La Belle’s website

Ok, I think I’m feeling better now, let’s get into March! Go team

Kim Roach